16 March 2016


Dendrocalamus sinicus — 巨龙竹 (jù lóng zhú) — seeds from Yunnan, China — [866] — seed supplier from China, seed distributor: Boonthammee Bamboo Garden

• seeds [860] [866] collected Feb. 2016
• seeds [866]  in stock since 10 March 2016
10 seeds 98.00 US$
20 seeds 190.00 US$
optional: removing bracts 5.00 US$ per 10 seeds
• prices of larger quantity on request
• minimum order quantity 10 seeds
(orders may escalate in multiples of 10 seeds)
• approximate 85-110 bract-bearing (130-150 bractless) seeds per 10 g [gram]

Habit of Dendrocalamus sinicus
(courtesy FMXG)

■ Height 23-35 (40) m; culm diameter 16-30 cm; clumper; culm internode length 38-40 cm, culm wall thickness 2-3.5 cm. Dendrocalamus sinicus claims to be the largest bamboo (with self-supporting culms) of the world.
■ In cultivation in southern China.
■ Easy growing, moist or moisture-retentive soil, known to tolerate a little frost (to -3 °C was recorded), thus suitable for warm-temperate, subtropical and tropical climates.
■ One of the best bamboo for construction purposes, but rarely available. Culms used for beams and pillars, plywood, paper-making; plants for landscaping.

Dendrocalamus sinicus [860]:
Bract-bearing seeds (top), seeds bare of bracts (bottom)

► Photos (AF) (PP) (BT)!
► Seed viability: Half year under normal atmospheric conditions; one year under storage at 1-6 °C.
► Seed germination: Test 160220. By the 5th day after sowing, 11 of 19 seeds have germinated.

Dendrocalamus sinicus [860]:
Germinating seeds (bracts removed) on moistened tissue paper, 6th day

Dendrocalamus sinicus [860]:
Germinating seeds (bracts removed) on moistened tissue paper, 13th day


Seeds of the following species might be offered for sale soon if enough customers want to receive them — seed supplier from China, seed distributor:Boonthammee Bamboo Garden

• seeds collected between Sep. 2015 and Feb. 2016
• if interested in these seeds, please, contact
Khun Thammarat of Boonthammee Bamboo Garden
• prices not yet set
• minimum order quantity 2 grams
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