09 November 2015

Unidentified Thai Species
Melocalamus sp. • BS-0599
Melocalamus sp.

  • Distribution: Eastern THAILAND, wild.
  • Culm size: Height ca. 15 m, diameter ca. 4 cm.
  • Uses: Culms used locally for woven bamboo hats.
  • Comments: Flowers and seeds unknown.
  • Specimens: BS-0599 (living plant), received as "ไผ่เกรียบ (phai kriab)" from cultivated stock of Nana Phan Nursery, Prachin Buri, 1 Dec. 2010, said to originate from mountains of nearby Khao Yai National Park where this bamboo grows wild, abundant and widespread.
  • Characters: Habit an open clumper. Rhizome pachymorph, long. Culm-internodes thin-walled, easily splittable. Culm-nodes with a ring of patent hairs.
  • Cultivation requirements: Prefers partial shade.
  • Provisional identification: The species is tentatively assigned to Melocalamus as there are some similarities with plants of Melocalamus compactiflorus.
  • Comments: The Thai name, ไผ่เกรียบ (phai kriab), was applied to several different species, among them Melocanna arundina, but BS-0599 is certainly not this species.

05 November 2015

Young Shoot Of Guadua angustifolia 'Bicolor', 3 November 2015.

Guadua angustifolia var. bicolor, Guadua angustifolia 'Joseph de Jumonville', Guadua angustifolia 'Striata' — Striped Guadua Bamboo — {} [431]
From Colombia, South America. Stems with yellow stripes. Plant available for sale 2016.