30 August 2014

This catalog contains all bamboos available for sale both nationally and internationally from our plant nursery in Chiang Mai, Thailand: Living plants of many different bamboo species from all over the world, but mainly tropical and subtropical bamboos from Thailand and other parts of Asia.

You can buy different types of bamboo, for shoot production, timber production, biomass production, light and heavy construction purposes, landscaping and ornamental garden bamboos, bamboos for privacy screening, hedges and natural fencing, ecologically valuable bamboos for erosion control, wildlife and windbreak and for many more purposes.

Bamboo growth types mainly depend on species: You can find low growing groundcover bamboos of hardly 1 meter height, bamboo giants up to 30 meters height and to 30 centimeters in stem diameter, and bamboos of any size between them. Also, there is a majority of tight growing bamboos, so-called clumpers, and a minority of more or less invasive bamboos, so-called runners.

Most bamboos we are offering are from plant divisions with one to several stems, marcottings, (rooted) cuttings, but there are also some field-grown bamboos available, and seedlings (bamboos raised from seeds thus they will guarantee you the whole species' life cycle), and fresh bamboo seeds.

You can visit and buy bamboos from our nursery, or we can ship bamboos to any destination within Thailand. Further, we export bamboos to any destinations in Asia, Australia, Europe and the Americas.

Prices in the catalog are given in Thai Baht (THB = ฿), and are subject of change without prior notice.

More information on certain bamboo species can be found in Bamboos of Thailand.